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What Is And Why Do We Need Selenium Framework?

Selenium is a widely recognized automation testing suite for automating desktop and mobile web browser interactions. Automation testing can be performed by writing a code in any programming language supported by Selenium and then running your automation scripts to automate testing of an application or a process. In this blog will explain What Is And Why Do We Need Selenium Framework. To know more about Selenium, You can go for an Selenium Training in Chennai and build a robust skill-set working with the most powerful tools and technologies to boost your big data skills.

Selenium IDE

The Selenium Integrated Development Environment is only available for Chrome and Firefox browsers. This plugin simplifies the recording and replaying of tests in the browser. The script can also be examined and translated into other languages. However, Selenium RC or WebDriver is preferred for writing more advanced and robust test cases.

Selenium RC (Remote Control)

Selenium RC is a client/server technology that lets you control web browsers locally or remotely using practically any language and testing framework. There are numerous tools and versions available, which can be confusing, thus in brief, Selenium RC can be considered Selenium 1, RC fused with WebDriver to form Selenium 2.0, and Selenium 3 is an enhancement on Selenium 2. As a result, the Selenium WebDriver is the Selenium RC’s replacement.

Selenium Grid

You can execute concurrent test sessions with Selenium Grid by operating multiple servers at the same time using a Hub and Node Architecture. It could be thought of as a scaled-up Selenium Remote Control. RC and WebDriver scripts are also supported by Selenium Grid. These scripts will be transmitted to the Nodes via the Hubs and then executed.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is a browser-specific driver that assists in accessing and launching various browsers, whether they are desktop or mobile browsers. That is, it does not support software such as Windows. It provides a graphical interface for writing and running automation programs. To execute testing, each browser has its own set of drivers.

Chrome has ChromeDriver, Firefox has GeckoDriver, Safari has SafariDriver, and so on, because each browser performs activities differently, such as loading a website.

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Why Use Selenium Framework for Automated Browser Testing?

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Selenium and the tools available, let’s look at the main points or benefits of Selenium and why it’s an excellent tool for automation testing:

Open Source

Selenium is open source, which implies that there is no licensing or cost to download and use it. This is not true of many other automation products on the market.

Mimic User Actions

As previously stated, Selenium WebDriver can simulate user input; in real-world circumstances, you can automate activities such as key strokes, mouse clicks, drag and drop, click and hold, selecting, and much more.

Easy Implementation

Selenium WebDriver is well-known for being an easy-to-use automation tool. Because Selenium is open source, users can create extensions to meet their own requirements.

Tool for every scenario

As previously stated, Selenium is a suite of tools, and you will most likely discover something that fits your case and working style.

Framework Support

Selenium also supports a variety of frameworks such as Maven, Junit, and TestNG to help with testing automation. For automating the deployment process, CI and CD systems such as Jenkins are also supported.

Advanced User Input

WebDriver allows user to request that the browser’s back and forward buttons be clicked. A useful feature when evaluating money transfer apps, for example. This feature is uncommon in many tools, particularly open source.

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