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Why Should You Choose Cucumber BDD Framework?

What is BDD?

Software testers can complete test scripting in simple English by enabling the BDD framework. BDD is primarily concerned with product behaviour and user acceptance requirements. Join FITA Academy‘s Cucumber BDD Online Training provides the best training with the help of real-time experts.

The cucumber testing tool is one of the most effective tools for developing the BDD Framework. It is used for language development in a language like Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. 

It employs Gherkin, an ordinary language software tool that enables the production of easily understandable test scripts. It is used to execute the BDD acceptance tests.

Why Should You Choose Cucumber BDD Framework?

  • It serves as an integrated framework for test scripts and documentation for the project.
  • The feature files organize the test scenarios.
  • The test cases are written based on system behaviour corresponding to the user story using English annotations. 
  • The test code is written in any programming language like Python, Perl, and Java.

Implementation of Test Scripts:

In implementing Cucumber test scripts, we will use a maven project in Selenium Webdriver. We have to add the reliance for Cucumber in pom.xml before beginning with the implementation scenarios.

  1. Open the Swag labs page.
  2. Check the Swag labs login page.
  3. Enter Your Username.
  4. Enter Your Password.
  5. Select the Login option.
  6. Check that the Sauce demo home page is visible.
  7. Close the application.

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Features of Cucumber:


The scenarios in BDD are written in a language called Gherkin. Gherkin employs simple syntax, and search terms are easy to understand by stakeholders and business users. Gherkin is used to write the feature files that contain the scenarios under test. Gherkin files mostly use the feature fil extension. Each feature file includes a unique system under test.


A use case describes the subsystem under test and is referred to as a feature. The feature file extension is used to store user data.


A scenario is a set of stages involved in the testing process. It also helps in effective Cucumber automated testing.

Scenario Outline: 

A scenario outline is used when test data is restored with multiple data sets for each test case.


Now you would have understood Why Should You Choose Cucumber BDD Framework?. So to have a profound understanding of Cucumber BDD, you can join BDD With Cucumber Online Course and learn its features and benefits. 

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