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International English Language Testing System is known by the acronym IELTS. It is the most accepted test for the use of English in higher education, job permits, immigration, and citizenship. You can join IELTS Coaching in Chennai at FITA Academy to increase your chances of studying or working abroad. Additionally, IELTS is preferred above other language competency tests by nations including Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, and Canada. This blog will discuss the tricks to clear the IELTS Exam on your first try.

Clear IELTS Exam on Your First Try

A necessity for studying abroad is IELTS success. This test aims to evaluate a person’s mastery of the English language. As you may have heard, passing the exam the first time is difficult but not impossible. You must start studying early and pay attention to clear the IELTS test on your first try.

Four Portion of the IELTS Exam

Candidates must pay attention and concentrate on all four test components, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking, to pass the IELTS on their first attempt with a band score of over 7.


Recordings in various accents, including American, British, and Australian, will be provided for you to listen to during the exam. So that you can comprehend them and perform well on your IELTS test, the recordings will come from various contexts, including a monologue, a group discussion, a social address, etc. To understand the substance of what you heard and respond to the questions, practice writing down the essential elements while you listen. So give listening to a sufficient amount of practice. 


Your reading speed is essential since you must read lengthy paragraphs for the IELTS test. You will need to read a lot each day to do this. It is advisable to focus on increasing one’s vocabulary by regularly reading books, magazines, and newspapers. Focus on the skill of skimming through a write-up while you practice reading quickly; this will enable you to find answers quickly by browsing through the write-up offered during your test.¬†


Because of digital literacy, we type more often than we write today. Practice writing while avoiding grammatical and spelling mistakes as a result. Try to increase your vocabulary by reading books you may use as writing resources. When taking the IELTS exam, start with the essay and then go on to the section that asks you to describe a specific figure or graph.


Make your responses impressive. Overcome whatever shyness or fear you may have when speaking. Practice speaking English confidently to your family, friends, and even yourself in the mirror. Respond to the examiner’s questions with facts-based responses rather than lies. You can join IELTS Online Classes to upgrade your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

Concentrate Speed

Your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills’ correctness relate to how well you perform on the IELTS test. There are more questions on the exam because it is timed and because there are more questions overall. Therefore, passing the test will undoubtedly be challenging if you take your time to answer questions.

Practice with Sample Papers

Get books on sample papers and other IELTS study materials. It is crucial to practice these papers regularly. You can use it to assist with the following:

  • Gain more self-assurance.
  • Understand the paper pattern.
  • It would help if you took more time to answer the questions.

Answer All Questions

There are no negative marks on the IELTS exam. So, even if you’re not confident about the response, try it anyway; you never know. Don’t leave any queries unanswered in the paper.

Hope, You would have understood the above-mentioned tricks to clear the IELTS Exam on your first try. In addition, you will need more than just these suggestions to guarantee you the success you want. You can develop your communication skills by joining IELTS Coaching In Bangalore and improve yourself to score more on IELTS Exam.