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In this blog, we will discuss digital marketing strategy frameworks. As the number of users of the internet has risen over the last three decades, so has the practice of digital marketing. It evolved to a more modern technique from the time of keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks, utilising big data, personalisation, and a variety of diverse strategies, including planning, audit, communications, branding, and more. 

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What is a digital strategy framework or marketing framework for digital platforms?

The steps involved in marketing show key aspects and key contacts. It makes sure you don’t miss anything during the intricate process.

The digital strategy frameworks focus on various industries and fields, such as marketing, planning, and strategy. Some combine everything, while others concentrate on a single element. To develop a model that effectively supports your goals, you must be aware of your company’s needs and priorities when designing your own. 

1. RACE Planning

RACE is a phrase that stands for Reach, Act, Convert, and Connect and was created by the learning platform Smart Ideas. These four steps relate to online marketing efforts.

Reach entails increasing brand awareness and visibility while marketing your social media profiles and website. Website traffic, earned media, external links, and online interaction are a few of your key metrics.

  • Act, which stands for “interact,” includes getting visitors to take on a particular task on the website or social media page. 
  • To convert means to turn devoted followers into paying users. Your key indicators of success include, among others, the quality of leads, conversion rate, sales, and revenue.
  • To increase client retention, engagement helps develop trusting relationships with them. Customer churn and repeat customer rates are a few of your critical performance measures in this situation, among others.

2. Marketing Funnel

One of the most well-known frameworks for digital strategy shows the journey clients take while engaging with your company, from discovering your products and services to placing an order.

  • Awareness: This happens when a potential customer sees your social media post or ad or learns about your brand via an influencer or contact.
  • Interest: A potential buyer is excited by your brand and is looking for more information about you online or in reviews.
  • Consideration: A prospective client realises their issue and your brand as the fix.
  • Action: The potential client takes action by making a purchase or setting a meeting with each other.

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3. Flywheel Type

According to the Hubspot model called The Flywheel, customers should always come first in any firm activities. In comparison to the marketing funnel, it is easier to understand. The consumer is the focal point of the funnel. It serves as the driving power in the Flywheel. The item gives the whole plan of action its “spin” or energy.

Users are located in the middle of the digital strategy framework, surrounded by sales, marketing, and also customer support teams. 

  • Attract:  attracting attention and lowering awareness-related obstacles.
  • Engage: establishing trust and making it simple for customers to communicate with you.
  • Delight: assisting and empowering clients to succeed When they do, they’re more inclined to share their experience with others, which also increases the number of potential customers.


So far, we have described the digital marketing strategy frameworks. You can develop better strategies and ensure success with the correct digital strategy frameworks. The main points you need to keep in mind, while you pick or make your own: Know your audience, consider their needs, and have a well-stated structure. FITA Academy Reviews will help you understand why students select to enroll with us in order to improve their career options in the digital world.

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